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Faces of Climate Resilience

Faces of Climate Resilience is a short documentary series that captures the voices of people in some of India's most climate-vulnerable regions. The project strives to make climate change more tangible through the lived experiences of people. The focus is on how individuals and communities are adapting to the climate crisis by embracing nature-based solutions and traditional wisdom.

  • Producers: Milan George Jacob
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Joel Poulose Joseph, Radhika Padmakumar
  • Editor: Distin M Wilson, Christy Sebastian
  • Sound: Ashish Zachariah, Muhammed Fazil
  • Credits: Editors: Distin Wilson, Christy Sebastian; Cinematographers: Joel Poulose Joseph, Radhika Padmakumar; Original Score: Ashish Zachariah, Muhammed Fazil
  • Awards

    Ankur Film Festival Nasik December 11, 2022 Official selection India

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