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“From reality to the future”
Exhibition of the collection of ritual masks by Fotis Kangelaris 

During the 8th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival and in the context of the special tribute “Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa”, there is going to be an exhibition of ritual masks of the collector and Psychopathologist/professor, Fotis Kangelaris. The exhibition will take place from 3 to 10 April 2022 in A49 Gallery (49 Anagnostara Str, Kalamata).

The collection of F. Kangelaris consists of about 1,000 masks of various materials and sizes and a corresponding number of accompanying objects, musical instruments, clothes, jewelry, fabrics, ritual objects.

 Parallel Event: International Comic Book Exhibition "Meeting Point"


This year the festival will have the honor to include a wonderful exhibition that will make even more apparent the similarities between Cinema and Comics, giving the matter a different perspective.
When paper meets film, sequence of frames meets animation, composition of page meets editing…


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