Subtitles, video image quality and sound

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support subtitles

All movies have Greek and English subtitles. Some automatically carry English or Greek.

If not, you need to activate them by pressing the "CC" button in the movie viewport at the bottom right.
The options you have will be displayed and you can select the language you want

support quality

For the best viewing experience, changes the video streaming quality according to your viewing conditions. These conditions are due to the change in quality that you may notice in the videos you are watching.

You can manually change the quality of each video you watch.

  1. In the movie viewport at the bottom right, select Settings
  2. Choose the video quality you prefer.



If you are experiencing problems such as video and audio interruptions.

  1. Try closing additional programs running on your computer.
  2. Stop any file transfers to and from the Internet (downloads)
  3. If you are using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) check the connection quality and move close to the router.
  4. Change the video quality starting from the lowest (240p) and increase gradually.

Some other factors that determine the quality of a video are:

  1. The speed of your internet connection
  2. Processor speed, screen size:


If you can't hear any sound in any film of the day please open this link!! and check back with the film you were trying to watch. If it doesn't work please check with the technical support.


Thank you for supporting us.