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  • Arkadia


    Director Andra Ion - Country: Spain

    Current farming methods are not sustainable and indirectly contribute to the increasing number of wildfires. Also, it is difficult for young Europeans to start a farming operation. These reasons pushed Victor to raise his flock in the same way his ancestors did: by living a nomad life. This type of farming has many benefits: it is free, susta...

  • Attic Vases part one | PRECIOUS EARTH

    Attic Vases part one | PRECIOUS EARTH

    Director Spiros Pantazis - Country: Greece

    It's difficult to imagine anything more common and humble than soil. And yet, this modest material was turned into veritable gold by the ancient potters of Attica, demonstrating that even the most inconsequential things can become precious if they are utilized to advantage. The short film 'Attic Vases - Precious Earth' shares the history and ...

  • Breathe


    Director zac norrington - Country: USA

    In 1983, Julie Ridge became the first person to swim two consecutive laps around the Island of Manhattan (earning her a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show). Now living in Manhattan and working as a clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience, she dives into her memories of struggling with bipolar. BREATHE explores her re...

  • Bubble


    Director Mahmood Arib - Country: Iran

    Narrative of migration from home to nowhere

  • Dust Never Settled

    Dust Never Settled

    Director Blue Kalamian - Country: USA

    After the Artsakh War in 2020, American-Armenian filmmaker Blue Kalamian traveled to Armenia and Artsakh to see firsthand how the war affected the country and its people. "Dust Never Settled" highlights the voices of those who otherwise would not be able to share their stories. The film explores the experiences of soldiers, medical volunteers...

  • Earth gods

    Earth gods

    Director - Country: Portugal

    From earth, water, hands and fire, sculptures are born that link matter to the spiritual. A journey across the landscape, the people and the processes that shape the gods of South India.

  • Elefsis


    Director Takis George Bardakos - Country: Greece

    A collection of still shots, of the inhabitants of the port of Eleusis. People have reach their destination in front of the Sea of Eleusis scenary, against the horizon lines, resembling a kind of purification process. Time stops here and it is becoming of abstract meaning: There is no "past", no "future", just "eternal present".

  • Extra time / 102

    Extra time / 102

    Director MARINA STYLIANOS STAMATI - Country: Greece

    Anthropological record of a totemic old age man living in the limbic gap of materials and symbolic rituals concerning a transitory post-secular potential departure.

  • Faces of Climate Resilience

    Faces of Climate Resilience

    Director Shawn Sebastian - Country: India

    Faces of Climate Resilience is a short documentary series that captures the voices of people in some of India's most climate-vulnerable regions. The project strives to make climate change more tangible through the lived experiences of people. The focus is on how individuals and communities are adapting to the climate crisis by embracing natur...


    Geosonic #1 Atlantic

    Director Andrés Mahía - Country: Spain

    The ocean isn’t just the habitat of fish, cetacean, seaweed and other living creatures. It is the way of living of many villages and cities, a trade route, a space for leisure, a source of wealth and also of tragedy. The ocean is a lifestyle, an identity. The Atlantic many times determines us as Galicians, but it also has its own identity, an...

  • Hantush - a fairytale

    Hantush - a fairytale

    Director Alexia Tsouni - Country: Greece

    When Israeli bulldozers arrived at her Bedouin village to demolish her home, 14-year-old Palestine refugee girl Salha called on her flying lamb Hantush to take her somewhere far away...


    Hi Papa

    Director Zsuzsi Konrád - Country: Hungary

    Zsuzsi Konrád, daughter of the famous writer, György Konrád made a documentary about their relationship one year before he died. Her goal is to tear down the unapproachable idol and simply be next to each other as father and daughter. Their clumsy attempt to make connection is imbued with love.

  • I saw a city

    I saw a city

    Director Stelios Efstathopoulos - Country: Greece

    I saw a city, which unexpectedly lost its sounds. Only the hum of the air remained. A city that exists on the fringes of our gaze. We move past it like the wind. While wandering around the city, I stumble across short every day stories, starring anonymous passers-by. This wandering reveals a new reality which leads us down a whole different p...



    Director Murat YÜKSEL, Onur TEKİN, Zehra GÜZEL - Country: Turkey

    IMBPO∑ (Imbros), is a short documentary that aims to share the stories of the people living on the island today known as Gökçeada. The film takes a close look at the Greeks of Turkey, to identify both the cruelty of the state that has traumatized society, and a strong sense of belonging that goes beyond all types of identity. IMBPO ∑, is also...

  • Jade Rain

    Jade Rain

    Director Volkan Durmuş - Country: Turkey

    Serah is an African woman who came to Turkey from Uganda to work. After trying many jobs, she decide to work as a natır(Turkish bath worker). She has against her being a foreigner, a single mother, and a black woman in a culture so different from her own. Will she be able to purify her soul which has been polluted by society's prejudices?

  • Life Long Day

    Life Long Day

    Director Saber Ansari - Country: Greece

    With his particular painting and filmic form Saper Ansari invites us to guess the subject of his story. This film was created within the european project Speak Up Media For Inclusion funded by ERasmus plus. Karpos the greek partner of the projector designed and implemented audiovisual workshops for young refugees. In the end of the workshops ...


    Like a king

    Director Evangelia Koumantsioti - Country: Greece

    The subject of the documentary is social as it concerns the observation of the world of the marginalized who wander the streets.

  • Marika… why be afraid

    Marika… why be afraid

    Director Matthaios Frantzeskakis - Country: Greece

    On the fifth day of the Battle of Crete, Saturday 24 of May 1941, three Germans pass by the village of Kakopetros in the Municipality of Platanias, Chania, and approach the home of Antonis Loufardakis, located next to a creek below the central street. Without any reason at all, they enter their home and kill with automatic weapons five women ...



    Director Selim Yıldız - Country: Turkey

    It is aimed to portray the years left behind by Mom Heyam Encü, who lost her 16-year-old son in 2011 when Turkish warplanes killed 34 civilians in Robozik. People ask me what I’ll do with these sheep. In the end, honor remained only with some place names. With some numbers, with some dates. Ernest Hemingway

  • Monsters look like us

    Monsters look like us

    Director Mattia Mura - Country: Italy

    One of the darkest aspects of contemporary society: the abuse of power. Starting from the creation of a theatrical show on the theme inspired by a series of Italian news events, the documentary focuses on the possibility of using the theater as a tool for building awareness and critical sense. The reflection crosses the role of media informat...

  • Multumesc (Mission Hope for Ukraine)

    Multumesc (Mission Hope for Ukraine)

    Director Claudio Cescutti - Country: Italy

    In Romania, on the border with Moldova, humanitarian aid was sent from Udine from different areas of Italy following the request for help from the Sisters of Providence engaged in the reception of refugees fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Chisinau (Moldova) and in Iasi (Romania) in the collection of basic necessities, to be taken to ...

  • Nomads


    Director Giannis Floulis - Country: Greece

    In the Greek countryside, groups of pastoral nomads with their herds move from the plains in the winter to the mountains in the summer since the Middle Ages. But not only humans are nomads… The last Egyptian vultures of Greece are fighting for their own survival. Starting their journey from Africa and travelling 5,000km every spring...

  • Pepedrilo


    Director Victor Cartas - Country: Mexico

    Pepedrilo and his peculiar connection with nature are embodied by the care and protection of a crocodile sanctuary, whose stability is put in danger day by day by the threat of men

  • Posidonies


    Director Antis Iakovou, Evie Demetriou - Country: Cyprus

    “Posidonies” is a dace film conceived by dance maker Evie Demetriou and underwater lover Antis Iakovou. Posidonies is borrowed from the Greek translation of the word Posidonia (plural). Through a poetic lense and inspired by the notion that pocedonia oceanica is the lung of the mediterannean sea, the film uncovers two parallel stories in whic...

  • Raja Bro

    Raja Bro

    Director Sridhar Rangayan - Country: India

    RAJA BHAU is a sensitive heart-warming story of an Indian transman’s acceptance, by himself and his family. Merlin, born as a girl, felt right from his childhood that he was trapped in the wrong gender. But it took a lot of courage and determination for Merlin to transition to become a transman. With unflinching support from his mother who ha...



    Director Nickolas Papadimitriou, Nikoleta Paraschi - Country: Greece

    In the film Rooms with a view, we observe a building in the heart of Athens transforming from a space traditionally occupied by goldsmiths into a luxurious boutique hotel. During our stay we come to experience three different levels of coexistence.

  • Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)

    Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)

    Director Ananda Safo - Country: France

    In this endless pandemic area, where our sexuality has sometimes had to evolve, has been tested, women from different backgrounds offer their intimate testimonies, addressing their desires and pleasures in solitude.

  • Stupid, Naive & Lucky

    Stupid, Naive & Lucky

    Director Giulio Tonincelli - Country: Italy

    Giulio at the end of April 2013 visits the Turkish-Syrian border to document the work of an Italian NGO. In the field hospital of Kilis (Turkey) meets Zaher, a Syrian teacher who offers Giulio to join him and two rebels on a 24- hour trip to Aleppo. The film, edited and finished 7 years after it was shot, introduces a layer of retrospection t...

  • Thaleia, missing the

    Thaleia, missing the "e"

    Director Thodoris Ioannidis - Country: Greece

    The diploma film Thalia with iota presents the life of Takis Moschopoulidis. Takis immerses us in his world which is consisted of alcohol and wooden constructions similar to those of modeling craftsmen. With his hands covered with glue and his mouth busy smoking constantly cigarettes, he shows absolute devotion to his artistic creations. He n...

  • The Ancient Olive Tree

    The Ancient Olive Tree

    Director Matthaios Frantzeskakis - Country: Greece

    The village of Vouves in Chania, Crete is the home of the oldest olive tree in the world. With an estimated age of 3000-5000 years, the olive tree of Vouves has been declared a Natural Monument. This tree speaks to the human soul.

  • The Asia Minor Catastrophe

    The Asia Minor Catastrophe

    Director George Chatzivasileiou - Country: Greece

    Animated short documentary about "The Asia Minor Catastrophe" in 1922. It presents in 10 min the big picture of the complicated, compact, and cosmopolitan history of Smyrna around 1922. The most tragic story of recent Greek history. The film was funded by the Municipality of Kalamaria that received a lot of refugees after the Minor Asia Destr...

  • The Elders

    The Elders

    Director Núria Ubach Vilà, Marta Codesido Martinez, Ulrika Andersson, Dubi Cano Reyes - Country: Spain

    The daily walk of three old women from Cabrianes is altered by the sudden death of one of them. Meanwhile, the celebration that reward the oldest person in town is approaching.

  • The Embroideresses

    The Embroideresses

    Director Bo Fredrik Sjökvist - Country: Sweden

    Two dancers try to approach previous generations of Swedish women by trying to understand their craft, embroidery. To translate embroidery into dance. What exactly is a cross stitch and can you really walk with a thread? The film follows the two dancers when they dry to develop an embroidery dance performance. Their process is interspersed wi...

  • The Flow

    The Flow

    Director Yulia Pikhotska - Country: Ukraine

    Anxiety is felt around, everyone is waiting for war. Soon the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine begins, so the author returns home. Here the war is an echo of the main battles. And it turns life into a flow that can stop at any moment, and the fear from childhood becomes a reality. But the flow will continue.

  • The Golden Girls of Etrim

    The Golden Girls of Etrim

    Director Eren Aybars ARPACIK - Country: Turkey

    Women living in Etrim Village of Bodrum have been weaving carpets for generations. Grandma Gülsüm, 87, is connected to life with the carpet that she has woven. While her 65-year-old daughter Ummuhan carries the burden of the house but she gets rid of all her troubles when she takes over the carpet bench. Ummuhan's Daughter Belgin, took care o...

  • The Grand Tour - A film In-Debt(ed)

    The Grand Tour - A film In-Debt(ed)

    Director Fotios Begklis - Country: Greece

    Grand Tour is inspired on the writings of 18th century European travellers to Greece. Through accounts of these travellers, we can evaluate from a post-colonial perspective the developments that occurred in Greek society as a product of the Greek revolution in 1821. These developments led to successive accumulation of debt, defaults, and grow...

  • The inventor

    The inventor

    Director Anastasios Stamnas, Magdalene Alexandri, Fotios Pangalos - Country: Greece

    The film "The Inventor" refers to the life of George Paraponiaris, a carrier from Kalamata, as described by his daughters Alexandra and Tasia.

  • The Last Ride

    The Last Ride

    Director Jesse Elliott Erwitt Smolan, Reign Shivanti La France - Country: USA

    Along with my Girlfriend, I Produced, edited, and directed a documentary on a unique gothic young woman who closely resembles Beetlejuice’s, Winona Ryder. And who drives a hearse as her vehicle of choice. Through a chance encounter at a local Walmart, I approached this individual and learned about her perspective on life and death. With her c...

  • The Sign of Doom

    The Sign of Doom

    Director Enggar Asfinsani - Country: Indonesia

    The pandemic has changed many things. Including Alfia, she is a teacher who learns a lot from the phenomena she sees. For Alfia, garbage is no longer appropriate to be disposed of in its place.

  • Vale - the last match

    Vale - the last match

    Director Stefano Zoja, Teresa Sala - Country: Italy

    Vale is on the verge of the last match of her career as a professional boxer. Since she was a child she has always been very pugnacious, up to when she had to fight for the right to assisted suicide for her life long partner Fabiano, who became blind and quadruplegic after an accident. Now, as she fights on the ring, her words tell us the unp...

  • Where the Dreams are Waiting

    Where the Dreams are Waiting

    Director Uli Bez - Country: Germany

    From a young age, Eleni Tsakmaki's life challenged her with great hardships. The dream of a self-determined life was denied to her. At the age of 5 she witnessed cruel NaziGerman occupation. At the age of 17 she is forced into an arranged marriage. At 23, she and her husband come to Germany as so called "guest worker" and have to leave their ...


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