• Arkadia


    Director Andra Ion - Country: Spain

    Current farming methods are not sustainable and indirectly contribute to the increasing number of wildfires. Also, it is difficult for young Europeans to start a farming operation. These reasons pushed Victor to raise his flock in the same way his ancestors did: by living a nomad life. This type of farming has many benefits: it is free, susta...

  • Faces of Climate Resilience

    Faces of Climate Resilience

    Director Shawn Sebastian - Country: India

    Faces of Climate Resilience is a short documentary series that captures the voices of people in some of India's most climate-vulnerable regions. The project strives to make climate change more tangible through the lived experiences of people. The focus is on how individuals and communities are adapting to the climate crisis by embracing natur...

  • Hantush - a fairytale

    Hantush - a fairytale

    Director Alexia Tsouni - Country: Greece

    When Israeli bulldozers arrived at her Bedouin village to demolish her home, 14-year-old Palestine refugee girl Salha called on her flying lamb Hantush to take her somewhere far away...

  • Monsters look like us

    Monsters look like us

    Director Mattia Mura - Country: Italy

    One of the darkest aspects of contemporary society: the abuse of power. Starting from the creation of a theatrical show on the theme inspired by a series of Italian news events, the documentary focuses on the possibility of using the theater as a tool for building awareness and critical sense. The reflection crosses the role of media informat...

  • Multumesc (Mission Hope for Ukraine)

    Multumesc (Mission Hope for Ukraine)

    Director Claudio Cescutti - Country: Italy

    In Romania, on the border with Moldova, humanitarian aid was sent from Udine from different areas of Italy following the request for help from the Sisters of Providence engaged in the reception of refugees fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Chisinau (Moldova) and in Iasi (Romania) in the collection of basic necessities, to be taken to ...

  • The Embroideresses

    The Embroideresses

    Director Bo Fredrik Sjökvist - Country: Sweden

    Two dancers try to approach previous generations of Swedish women by trying to understand their craft, embroidery. To translate embroidery into dance. What exactly is a cross stitch and can you really walk with a thread? The film follows the two dancers when they dry to develop an embroidery dance performance. Their process is interspersed wi...

  • The Golden Girls of Etrim

    The Golden Girls of Etrim

    Director Eren Aybars ARPACIK - Country: Turkey

    Women living in Etrim Village of Bodrum have been weaving carpets for generations. Grandma Gülsüm, 87, is connected to life with the carpet that she has woven. While her 65-year-old daughter Ummuhan carries the burden of the house but she gets rid of all her troubles when she takes over the carpet bench. Ummuhan's Daughter Belgin, took care o...

  • The Last Ride

    The Last Ride

    Director Jesse Elliott Erwitt Smolan, Reign Shivanti La France - Country: USA

    Along with my Girlfriend, I Produced, edited, and directed a documentary on a unique gothic young woman who closely resembles Beetlejuice’s, Winona Ryder. And who drives a hearse as her vehicle of choice. Through a chance encounter at a local Walmart, I approached this individual and learned about her perspective on life and death. With her c...


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