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Multumesc (Mission Hope for Ukraine)

In Romania, on the border with Moldova, humanitarian aid was sent from Udine from different areas of Italy following the request for help from the Sisters of Providence engaged in the reception of refugees fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Chisinau (Moldova) and in Iasi (Romania) in the collection of basic necessities, to be taken to the Ukrainian border. ( food, over-the-counter medicines, personal hygiene products, clothing, baby products and blankets) Every day about 60 people find hospitality at the Chisinau Center: mostly mothers with their children and families composed of grandparents and grandchildren stop and recover for a few days. More and more, however, says Sister Rosetta Benedetti engaged daily in the reception activity, the people who arrive decide to stay in the area and not move away, because they prefer to exploit the linguistic factor and reinvent themselves at work. The documentary recounts the journey of a delegation aimed at verifying the arrival of goods in the two cities. Shot almost exclusively with the 50 mm, the lens that comes closest to people's gaze, wants to be a testimony of what has been seen and heard. A single operator, with live audio, in order to be discreet. Filmed in two trips between April and May 2022. Multumesc means thank you and is used both in Romania and in Moldova, it is dedicated to all the people who have worked to help the refugees in recent months.

  • Writers: Claudio Cescutti
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Cescutti Claudio
  • Editor: Cescutti Claudio
  • Sound: Cescutti Claudio


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