Kalamata 25-10

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Amphitheater "Theodoros Angelopoulos"
Εργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο Καλαμάτας, Αριστομένους 95
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  • Markus C.M. Schmidt

    Le Mali 70

    Director  Markus C.M. Schmidt - Country: Germany

    Popular music has its roots in West Africa, and especially in Mali. In Berlin, a bigband discovers old vinyls from the Malian Bigband era, music which embodied the hope for Malian independence before a coup brought an end to the big band scene. Inspired by these songs, the Berliners travel to Mali to find the heroes of their vinyl-collection....

  • Dimitris PapadopoulosIoannis Kolaxizis

    What happened in Larissa? (A music story about Nat Birchall)

    Director  Dimitris Papadopoulos Ioannis Kolaxizis - Country: Greece

    Nat Birchall is one of the most important representatives of the British Jazz Manchester scene. Kostas Voultsidis is the inspirer of Duende Jazz Bar in Larissa, in 2009. The documentary traces their paths and focuses on the creation of the legendary album 'Nat Birchall Quintet: Live In Larissa', which was globally accepted by audiences and cr...

  • Opening ceremony

  • Valerie Kontakos

    Queen of the Deuce

    Director  Valerie Kontakos - Country: USA

    From the late ’60s to the mid ’80s, in the notorious Times Square area known as the Deuce, the eccentric, Greek-born Chelly Wilson built a porn cinema empire and a reputation as one of the most savvy and charismatic figures on the scene. With a cigarette in hand and bags of money stashed in the corner, Chelly regularly held court in her bunke...


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