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Cows on the Roof

Fabiano is haunted by nightmares. They are a reflection of his life as the heir of his father’s small-scale agricultural business, located in an isolated valley of Southern Switzerland. He owns fifty goats and eight cows and is trying his best to produce the special alp cheese that first made his hippie parents back in the 1980s. But nothing is going the way it should... He is in debt, the alpine hut that he rents for the summer is dilapidated, and the goats cheese business is no longer profitable. His thoughts wander back to a fatal accident occurred the previous year to a Macedonian illegal worker. His death is haunting him, because he feels that he is at least in part responsible for it. Fabiano is not exactly in a good place to start a family, but will be a father soon. His girlfriend Eva is expecting – and is hoping to fulfill her dreams of a simple life surrounded by nature and animals. But how can they build a life together in such difficult circumstances?

  • Credits:
    • Director: Aldo Gugolz 
    • Producer: Nicola Bernasconi, Christina Caruso, Aldo Gugolz
    • Cinematography: Susanne Schüle
    • Editor: Samir Samperisi
    • Sound: Rico Andriolo, Vittorio Castellano
    • Sound Design: Luca Pietro Congedo
    • Music: Luca Pietro Congedo
  • Awards
    • Prix du Jury — Visions du Réel, Nyon 2020
      Visions du Réel On tour

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