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IMBPO∑ (Imbros), is a short documentary that aims to share the stories of the people living on the island today known as Gökçeada. The film takes a close look at the Greeks of Turkey, to identify both the cruelty of the state that has traumatized society, and a strong sense of belonging that goes beyond all types of identity. IMBPO ∑, is also a story of an island turned into a ‘prison’. It gathers images from various locations around the island, with testimonies of people who continue to hold each other, despite the losses they have suffered, through interviews. Noting also that social and personal memory consists of what these people remember and tell stories and traces that are still visible in space...

  • Producers: Murat YÜKSEL, Onur TEKİN, Zehra GÜZEL
  • Cinematographer / DOP: murat yüksel, onur tekin, zehra güzel, recep susem
  • Editor: gökçe ince
  • Sound: murat yüksel, onur tekin, zehra güzel
  • Awards

    Murat YÜKSEL, Onur TEKİN, Zehra GÜZEL

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