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MUKTI [Liberation] Singing for the dead Sambhaji Bansode and his wife live in Dharavi, Mumbai. Their profession is an ancient family tradition, to sing bhajans [devotional/spiritual songs] in front of the dead body. They believe that the bhajans release the deceased and bring peace to the family that has been left behind. These songs carry the philosophy of life and death. Despite the sanctity of this tradition, they face the indifference of people, because they work for the dead, a taboo in society. This film depicts the world of these unique concerts. While musicians take up their satisfying profession, Sambhaji Bansode and his collaborators fear for the survival of this endangered tradition.

  • Producers: Parag sawant
  • Cinematographer / DOP: parag sawant
  • Editor: parag sawant
  • Sound: onkar ghadi


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