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Unmatched socks

The true story of the children of two missing persons of the Turkish invasion. Two children meet and become inseparable friends during their studies at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Several years later and without them knowing, it is revealed that apart from friendship, they are connected by something else that they neither know nor could have imagined.

  • Writers: Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou, Evangelia Kantarellou, George Kolokotronis
  • Producers: George Kolokotronis
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Aglantzia Gymnasium
  • Editor: Aglantzia Gymnasium
  • Sound: Aglantzia Gymnasium
  • Awards

    Premiere Nicosia April 14, 2021 Nicosia Cyprus 4th CYPRUS ARCHAEOLOGICAL, ETHNOGRAPHIC & HISTORICAL FILM FESTIVAL (ΑΕΙ Film Festival 2021) Nicosia November 13, 2021 Official selection Cyprus Aglantzia Municipality Nicosia May 20, 2021 Official selection Cyprus

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