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Some say that he has seen the face of the Prophet and his first three Imams. Others claim that he is a delusional old man, others that he is just sick. And yet, Beranaza (known as Berry) wanders around the deserts of Lorestan despite the rumors spreading. He believes and doesn't pay attention to whether you believe his beliefs or not. This thirty-minute documentary is a portrait of faith. Just as well, it could be a portrait of fraud or illusion. The film presents a day of Berry's life, as he collects the essentials to build the shrine for the Imams who visit his dreams every week, as he feeds the stray desert dogs, abandoned by civilization just as he was. Does the isolation, the ridicule, the gossip behind his back weigh on Berry in some way? Man is after all. And the camera, which stays on him all day, peels off his stoicism to reveal a man wounded, a man alone, a man, who despite ridicule, persists in the name of faith.


  • Writers: Alikhan Asadi
  • Producers: Alikhan Asadi, Rasool Davari Dolatabadi
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Rasool davari
  • Editor: Babak heydari
  • Sound: Shahin poordadadshi
  • Awards

    Iran International Documentary film festival, 14th cinema Verite festival Tehran December 6, 2020 iran internayional film festival14th cinema verite festival Best short Documentary/ Nominated for 5 section Iran, Islamic Republic of

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