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The Sign of Doom

The pandemic has changed many things. Including Alfia, she is a teacher who learns a lot from the phenomena she sees. For Alfia, garbage is no longer appropriate to be disposed of in its place.

  • Producers: Enggar Asfinsani
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Muhammad Taufik Hidayat
  • Editor: Enggar Asfinsani
  • Sound: Lega Uda Wianto
  • Credits: Director of Photography: Muhammad Taufik Hidayat; Art Director: Regina Surbakti; Music Scoring: Lega Uda Wianto; Editor: Enggar Asfinsani
  • Awards

    Semester Pendek 2022 Jakarta September 1, 2022 Best Film Indonesia UNEJ Film Festival Jember November 20, 2022 Best Documentary Film Indonesia Festival Film Bogor Bogor December 10, 2022 Best Documentary Film Indonesia

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