• Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Director Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi, Diamanto - Ilektra Konstantinou, Maria Moleski, Giorgos Kolokotronis - Country: Cyprus

    How does personal experience cease to be an individual matter and become an incentive for artistic creation? The documentary attempts to highlight the way in which History converses with Art and how a personal story, that of Argyro from Peristeronopigi, Famagusta, was a source of inspiration for a poet, two artists and a student documentary p...

  • At Last I Have a Voice

    At Last I Have a Voice

    Director Anne Fortune - Country: USA

    Three testimonies from survivors of sexual assault/abuse.

  • Beranaza


    Director Rasool Davari Dolatabadi, Alikhan Asadi - Country: Iran

    Some say that he has seen the face of the Prophet and his first three Imams. Others claim that he is a delusional old man, others that he is just sick. And yet, Beranaza (known as Berry) wanders around the deserts of Lorestan despite the rumors spreading. He believes and doesn't pay attention to whether you believe his beliefs or not. This ...

  • Closing time

    Closing time

    Director Igor Toholj - Country: Republic of Serbia

    Panagiotis Giannikis and his parents have a hotel on the island of Thassos. For years, they have been working hard during the entire tourist season, which has been going on in Greece for a long time. The season is over, and a strong cyclone named Zorba is doing great damage along the coasts of Attica and the Peloponnese, and the Giannikis fam...

  • God's Buffalo

    God's Buffalo

    Director Bishnu Kalpit - Country: Nepal

    Homan Singh Shiv Bakhti lives from agriculture in the hills of Sindhupalchok district, east of Kathmandu. He loves and adores his buffalo, which has brought him all the good things in his life. All is well until devastating floods ravage the area. Homan Singh's buffalo disappears.

  • How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?

    How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?

    Director Lucas Oliveira de Jesus - Country: Brazil

    "How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?" exposes reports from fishermen and representatives of the community of Cubatao (Brazil - SP) on the environmental impacts that affect daily the population that lives on the banks of the mangroves of the Casqueiro River and has fishing as their main means of subsistence.

  • I have a dream a movie dream

    I have a dream a movie dream

    Director ShiJie Weng - Country: Spain

    We all have a dream but not always the possibility of making it true. Even so, we must have the courage and maturity to try to achieve it.

  • The garbage saints

    The garbage saints

    Director Nikos Drosakis - Country: Greece

    The 24th anniversary of Giannis' work as a garbage collector in the trucks of the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona. His daily struggle also reveals the secrets of the neighborhoods through their remnants. Life persists in an environment of homeless and stray animals, the experience of garbage, the terrifying climbing on the piles of garba...

  • The man behind the mountain

    The man behind the mountain

    Director Nektarios Souldatos - Country: Greece

    Yiannis has abandoned the life in the city. He didn't feel anxious about solitude. He preferred to live alone on a mountain. He went to built a shack with his bare hands on the slope - actually clough- of a mountain range that is not accessible by road, in order to ensure his tranquility. Due to the mountainous landscape, the horizon is very ...

  • The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

    The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

    Director RODRIGO SENA - Country: Brazil

    In 2007, a photographic album was created in recognition of indigenous roots, depicting twelve teenagers belonging to the "Eleutarian do katou", in Brazil. Twelve years later the photographer returns to katu, looking for these protagonists, now adults, to learn about his personal trajectories and worldviews.  

  • Under The Bridge

    Under The Bridge

    Director Nantia Mantesi - Country: Greece

    The film depicts the thoughts and feelings of an engineer on a multi-purpose support vessel, which was executed offshore works -almost still- below the bridge of Rion-Antirion. Her stay at the offshore vessel for about two months is described with the use of still pictures from the vessel and its surroundings and with the muted conversations ...

  • Unmatched socks

    Unmatched socks

    Director Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou, Evangelia Kantarellou, George Kolokotronis - Country: Cyprus

    The true story of the children of two missing persons of the Turkish invasion. Two children meet and become inseparable friends during their studies at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Several years later and without them knowing, it is revealed that apart from friendship, they are connected by something else ...

  • Waves and Ice

    Waves and Ice

    Director Sabine M. Probst - Country: Iceland

    In the documentary Waves and Ice, a director accompanied, capturing stunning images, five young adventurous, nature lovers on their journey through wild Iceland, surfing icy waves, hiking and snowboarding under the mountains, diving into icy waters and conquering all the obstacles that appeared. Most women didn't know each other before the ...

  • Wildfire


    Director Shyam Karki - Country: Nepal

    A small red panda, a rare species, has been left homeless due to the recent 16-day fire in the intermediate hills of Nepal, another in the growing number of symptoms of the climate crisis that saddens neither man nor animal.


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