Creative Documentary Center

A stop motion animation seminar with plasteline figures, especially for high school children and people with mild intellectual disability, will be hosted by the director and friend of the Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival, Thomas Kunstler. The seminar will take place in Kalamata, at the 7 th Primary School of Kalamata.

The subject “Africa” will be addressed by the seminar of the director Robert Rombout “Creating a Documentary Film” which will be held in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts of Athens and the Greek Society of Cinematographers.

 Twelve graduate students of the Video Art Laboratory of ASKT will be invited to create a modular documentary with portraits of African artists who live and work in Athens. The seminar will take place in Athens on April 8-11 and in Kalamata from April 13 to 17, 2022.

The produced video will be presented at the closing ceremony of the 8th International Documentary Film Festival in Kalamata.

The parallel activities of the 8th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival include a film workshop "Storylab" with the director Erik Knudsen from Great Britain and the lecturer of the Department of Sound and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, Iakovos Panagopoulos . In this, the students who will be in Kalamata will be invited to make short films.

For the educational program of the 8th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival

A seminar for elementary and high school students in the form of a walk, with Stefania Charitou as a speaker, will be held in the cities of the Festival network: Kalamata, Filiatra, Tripoli and Xylokastro. A walk in nature will be the subject of discussion on ecology, natural resources, energy and climate change.

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