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Bloodless - The path to democracy

In the course of history, only a few revolutions have been successful, let alone those without Bloodshed.  Nikol Pashinyan, a charismatic former journalist and political prisoner, galvanized support among the youth and women, by using non-violent civil disobedience protests and social media.  In a short period of 6 weeks, a corrupt oligarchy was toppled, and democracy restored. Deemed short of a miracle, BLOODLESS is a riveting political thriller, capturing the story as events unfold in the spring of 2018 in Armenia.

  • Credits:
    • Directors, writers and producers : Bared Maronian, Silva Basmajian 
    • Music by: Serouj Baghdassarian
    • Cinematographer: Seda Grigoryan, Bardig Kouyoumdjian
    • Film Editing by: Bared Maronian
  • Awards
    • Vitruvian Award Feature Film at DaVinci Film Festival 2020
    • Hague Global Cinema Best Film (Global Peace, Harmony, Human Rights and Women Empowerment) at The Hague Global Cinema Festival 2020

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