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Unblock Cuba

A faithful portrait of Cuba's recent history and of the efforts of the American administration to gain influence in the caribbean politics. From the War of Independence and the triumph of the Cuban Revolution to nowadays with the presidency of Miguel Diaz-Canel and the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton by the Trump administration. The beginning and the consequences of the American blockade, the changes that are happening in the country and the bilaterall relations of the island with the USA.

  • Credits:
    • Director: Sergio Gregori Marugán
    • Direction Assistants: Xavier Matas Cerdán, Álvaro Plays Oteo
    • Director Of Photography: Francisco Álamo Melero
    • Script: Sergio Gregori Marugán, Álvaro Afonso, Victor Albertus, José Manuel Alonso Rodríguez, Álvaro Plays Oteo
    • Voice-over: Juan Manuel Álamo
    • Secondary Announcer: Raglan
    • Production Director: Sergio Gregori Marugán
    • Production Manager: Francisco Álamo Melero
    • Production Assistants:Álvaro Afonso, Álvaro Plays Oteo, Iago Prada
    • Production Assistants: Xavier Matas Cerdán, Victor Albertus, Eduardo García Alonso
    • Chief Editor: Francisco Álamo Melero
    • Assembly Assistants: Xavier Matas Cerdán, José Manuel Alonso Rodríguez, Jonathan Herrerías Ramírez
    • Subtitling And Translation: Helena Gavira Fernández
    • Animation: Alberto Rodríguez, José Ángel López
    • Camera Operators: Xavier Matas, Jonathan Herrerías, Iago Prada, Alfonso Guachu, Francisco Álamo
    • Sound Technicians: Jonathan Herrerías, Borja Lago
    • Original Music: Nacho Durán Pérez
  • Awards
    • Uruguay International Latino Film Festival 2020
      Best film with special mention from the jury.

    • Sweden Film Awards 2020
      Best first film.

    • Monthly Prague International Film Festival 2020
      Best documentary feature film.

    • Top Indie Film Awards Japan 2020
      Best message, Best documentary.

    • Top Indie Film Awards Slovakia 2020
      Best message.

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