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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Not just your picture

“Not Just Your Picture” tells the story of two young German-Palestinian siblings, Ramsis and Layla Kilani, who had their life shattered one early morning during the summer 2014 when their father, Ibrahim, together with his second wife and their five young children, was killed by an Israeli airstrike during the attacks on Gaza. Thrusted into an accelerated process of politicization and rediscovery of their Palestinian roots, the two struggle to find justice for their family while trying to make sense of a political reality that not only allows for such atrocities to happen, but even attempts to silence any criticism of it.

  • Credits:
    • Directed and Produced by: Anne Paq and Dror Dayan
    • Cinematography by: Anne Paq and Dror Dayan
    • Edited by: Dror Dayan
    • Dramaturgical Adviser: Sabrina Dittus
    • Line Producer: Kerem Blumberg
    • Original Score: Andi Otto
    • Additional Cinematography: Ezz Zaanoun, Michal Grosz, Ahmad al-Bazz, Eloise Bollack
    • Local Producer and Translator Gaza:  Jeneen al-Yazouri
    • Sound Design: Daphna Keenan
    • Sound Mix: Michael Kube at Mainland Media
    • Color Correction: Christopher Caps at Maschinenraum
    • Post-Production Supervisor: Marc Schweser at Maschinenraum
    • Editing Consulting: Kerem Blumberg, Christopher Kaps
    • Additional Translation Gaza: Abeer Ahmed
    • Translators: Kassem Eida, Ahmed Sukker, Sarah Kaddoura
    • Produced in Association withL  Al Jazeera Media Network


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