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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Ghetto Uprising-The Untold story

The main battle in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising occured on Muranowski Square, during which a blue and white flag was raised over the roofs. However the story of those fighters disappeared from history books, but why? We are going exactly to find out along with their stories. 

SCREENINGS: 18.07 LEVIDI 23:00  /  19.07 PATRAS 23:00 

  • Credits:
    • Direction: Yuval Haimovich Zuser and Simon Shechter
    • Editing: Yuval Haimovich Zuser
    • ​Animation: Jacky Talpalar - Studio Gadget
    • Music: Jasmin Even
    • Cinematography: Simon Shechter and Evgen Adamenko
    • Production: Emanuel Shechter, Ronen Machlis Balzam, Hila Guy
    • Line Producer: Michael Mailis
    • Soundtrack: Vlad Povolotzk


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