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Born in Evin

Born in Evin follows filmmaker and actress, Maryam Zaree, on her quest to find out the violent circumstances surrounding her birth inside one of the most notorious political prisons in the world. Exactly forty years have passed since the monarchy of the Shah of Iran was toppled and the Islamic Republic declared. In the 1980’s Ayatollah Khomeini, the so-called religious leader, had tens of thousands of political opponents arrested, persecuted and murdered. Among them the filmmaker’s parents who, after years in prison, managed to seek asylum in Germany. The family never talked about their persecution and imprisonment. Maryam Zaree faces the decades-long silence and explores her own questions about the place and the circumstances of her birth. She meets other survivors, talks to experts and looks for the children born in the same prison. She tries to find answers to her personal and political questions. What are the personal consequences of persecution and violence when the same perpetrators remain in power while the victims internalize their stories? And what does it mean, politically, to face the silence within the family. The political is private and the private political. With this conviction, Maryam Zaree works through the complexities of trauma and denial.


  • Credits:
    • Director and writer: Maryam Zaree
    • Producer: Karin C. Berger, Sabine Gruber, Arash T. Riahi,
      Alex Tondowski, Ira Tondowski
    • Cinematography: Siri Klug
    • Editing: Dieter Pichler
    • Production Management Silvaine Faligant, Daniel Pazderka
    • Art Department: Conny Brizsak
    • Sound Department: Rudolf Gottsberger
    • Script and Continuity Department: Arash T. Riahi
  • Awards

    Film Award in Gold Best Documentary (Bester Dokumentarfilm) at German Film Awards 2020

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