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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Being Eriko

From Kobe to Copenhagen and from the proper and polished to the wild and free. Opposites come together in the Japanese classical pianist and performance artist Eriko Makimura, who is facing and liberating herself from her past.  

Japanese Eriko Makimura is very talented on the piano. Her art and performances unite the grotesque, the polished and the delicate. But her perfectionism did not come for free, and Eriko has had to pay a high price. After growing up in a strict and disciplined childhood filled with humiliation and often wishing to be elsewhere, Eriko is finally on the path to find and accept herself – and to reunite herself with her passion for the piano. 

When Eriko was 29 years, 11 months and three weeks old, she decided to pursue another career than that of a classical pianist, inspired by the open minds and friendships that she had longed for in her childhood, and finally found in Europe. Facing her past as well as her present through her performances, she found her way back to her passion for playing classical concerts. 

“Being Eriko” is a unique insight into an expressive and truly charismatic artist’s inner world, which she expresses and presents in a truly theatrical and performative language.

SCREENINGS: 30.06 KALAMATA 23:00  /  21.07 PATRAS 23:00

  • Credits:
    • directed by: Jannik Splidsboel
    • cinematography by: Henrik Ipsen
    • film editing: Torkel Gjørv
    • producer: Sara Stockmann
    • co-producer: Håward Wettland Gossé
    • line producer: Clara Tufte
    • production: Sonntag Pictures, Spætt Film AS


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