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Giuseppe Bassi, a vivacious 100 years old man, tells his story about war and being held prisoner in Russia during Second World War. From 1942 to 1946 Giuseppe was a prisoner in several different camps: Tambow, Oranki and Suzdal. He got to know many people, heard lot of stories and came across a truly unique piece of reportage. The narrator and second character of the story is the actress Karina Arutyunyan who act the part of a Russian woman that lives in Italy from years, whose grandfather fight on the Russian side during Second World War. The two characters in this story are emotionally very close; however, they are diametrically opposed. While Giuseppe and his story are both real, Katerina is a fictional character; that is how fiction and reality are closely intertwined along the story. Giuseppe is an old man who fought the Second World War on the Soviet front, while Katerina is a woman who had little to do with the war, who lived a completely different life, but who comes from the very country where Giuseppe endured so much suffering.


  • Credits:
    • Director: Rebecca Basso
    • Writer: Rebecca Basso, Luca Bozzato
    • Producer: Rebecca Basso
    • Cast: Giuseppe Bassi, Karina Arutyunyan
  • Awards
    2019 Italian Film Festival di Cardiff (Best Documentary)
    2019 Asti Film Festival (Special Mention)
    2020 Inventaunfilm (Best Editing)
    2020 Anthem Libertarian Film Festival USA(Best International Feature)
    2020 Eastern Nigeria Film Festival (Best Documentary)
    2020 Sicily FIlm Award (Best Italian Documentary)
    2020 Social Film Festival Artelesia (Best Documentary)
    2020 Independent-Star Filmfest Munich (Bronze Award)

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