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Creative Documentary Center
The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.


In April 2015, a ship carrying 800 refugees sank off the coast of Libya, marking another circle on the tragedy calendar of our times. The victims are nameless, faceless figures that slip into oblivion, bearing only numbers, as if objects on a shelf. Remains of clothes, soaked banknotes, worn-out photos, personal items, are all that is left of them, an array of macabre remnants of existence. A heartfelt and investigative documentary that casts a shocking glance at the lurid aspects of humanitarian work, lauding the noble quest of a few tireless researchers to discover the victims’ stories and names: a low-key hymn to the value of human life.

SCREENINGS: 05.07 PATRAS 23:00  /  16.07 LEVIDI 23:00 

  • Credits:
    • Directed by
      Madeleine Leroyer
    • Writing Credits:
      Cécile Debarge
      Madeleine Leroyer
    • Produced by: 
      Enrica Capra
      Anton Iffland Stettner
      Eva Kuperman 
      Valérie Montmartin
      Olivier Bodin
      Benoit Daniel
    • Cinematography by:
      Thibault Delavigne
    • Film Editing by
      Tania Goldenberg
    • Editorial Department
      Michael Cinquin
      Maël Delorme
      Eric Pecher
      Josja van Zadelhoff 


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