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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

The Fourth Character

The parallel monologues of three strangers bring to light issues such as loss, guilt, faith and the pursuit of atonement. Their stories, almost confessions are intertwined with the urban fabric, in a cinematographic arrangement of the characters’ inner world with the city’s landscape. Our heroes wander, performing their little rituals, revealing unexpected facets of Athens.

SCREENINGS: 19.06 KALAMATA 21:00   /   16.07 SPARTA 22:00

  • Credits:

    Producer/Παραγωγός: Ελένη Χανδρινού, Μαρία Κοντογιάννη, Μιχάλης Σαραντίνος

  • Awards

    WIFT GR @ 22nd Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival 2020

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