Kalamata ShortDocs

Creative Documentary Center
The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.


After thirty years of serving as a Greek Orthodox priest in the US, Tom Avramis, a man known in the community for his charismatic personality and dynamic speaking abilities, unexpectedly decides to leave the Church. When a video-diary from the past is discovered, in which Tom confesses to himself the deeper thoughts, burdens and doubts he experienced being a spiritual leader, the story begins to unfold. It is only when Tom’s daughter, Alethea, turns the camera on him that secrets about his past and present are revealed.
Piecing together Tom’s life, Sundays provides access into the mind and perspective of a priest – a role that is so public in nature but whose private world is rarely explored. This is the existential journey of a seemingly happy and fulfilled man, told through his daughter's eyes; a deeply personal, yet universal story about truth, family, identity and hope.


  • Credits:
    • Writing: Alethea C. Avramis
    • Produced by: Mathieu Bompoint, Giorgos Karnavas, Mando Stathi
    • Music by: Philippe Deschamps
    • Cinematography by: Svetlana Cvetko
    • Editing by: Esther Julie-Anne, Esther Shubinski
    • Sound Department: Philippe Deschamps
    • Additional Crew: Marco Tulio Pires


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