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Sheep Hero

Shepherd Stijn has a romantic world view, but his idealism clashes with the harsh reality of having to be a modern entrepreneur. In this poignant and cinematic documentary we come close to Stijn and his family in their quest to keep the tradition of sheep herding alive. Will his struggle pay off or is he forced to go with the flock?

  • Credits:
    • Director and Cinematographer: Ton van Zantvoort
    • Producers: Marc Thelosen, Koert Davidse, Ton van Zantvoort
    • Sound: Annerose Langeveld, Iris van de Rijt, Olivier Nijs
    • Editing: Ton van Zantvoort
    • Music: Roy Bemelmans
    • Sound Design: Jeroen Goeijers
  • Awards
    • Ministry of Culture of the Saratov Region award at Saratov Sufferings Film Fest Russia 2020
    • Winner Feature-Length Competition Grand Prix at 6th Apricot Tree Ujan International Documentary Film Festival Armenia 2020
    • Winner Grand Prix at 15ème Festival International du film Pastoralismes et Grands Espaces France 2020
    • Winner Grand prize of the city of Innsbruck for the best Environmental documentary at INF Innsbruck Nature Festival Austria 2020
    • Winner Christian Berger Cinematography Award at INF Innsbruck Nature Festival Austria 2020
    • Winner President of the Polish Filmmakers Association Award at 18th Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival Poland 2020
    • Winner Best documentary at Salento Int'l Film Festival Italy 2020
    • Winner Best Newcomer International at Green Screen Nature Film Festival Germany 2020
    • Winner Best Documentary Feature Award FicLaPaz at (7th) International Film Festival Bolivia Bolivia 2020
    • Winner Best Cinematography Award at Woods Hole film festival USA 2020
    • Winner Best Documentary Feature at Alternative Film Festival Canada 2020
    • Winner Best Cinematography Award at Indie Film Awards Japan 2020
    • Winner NL Award Best Documentary of the year at NL Media event RPO The Netherlands 2020
    • Winner Best Director at Torino Underground Cinefest (7th) Italy 2020
    • Winner Most Original Story Honorable mention at Florence Film Awards Italy 2020
    • Winner Special Jury Award at Cinema Vérité Iran 2019
    • Winner Best International Documentary Award at FICMA Mexico 2019
    • Winner Best International Documentary Award and Audience award at Nederland International Film Festival USA 2019
    • Winner 2nd Best International Feature film at Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival Italy 2019
    • Winner Honourable mention at Cine Eco Seia Portugal 2019
    • Winner Award of Excellence: Film Feature Accolade at Global Film Competition USA 2019
    • Winner Best Documentary Film at NYCA New York Cinematography Awards USA 2019
    • Winner Honourable mention Festiver Barichara at Green Film Festival Colombia 2019
    • Winner Green Warsaw Award at Millennium Docs Against Gravity Poland 2019
    • Winner Best European Cinematography award at European Cinematography Awards/ ECA Europe 2019
    • Winner La Trois Distribution award at Millennium Documentary Festival Belgium 2019
    • Winner Best Film and Best Director at NVIFF New Vision International Film Festival The Netherlands 2019


    *Data is limited to before submission to PelDocFest


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