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Walchensee Forever

Every family saga is a whirlpool of fading memories, drowned secrets, unfulfilled promises, and endless expectations, passed on from one generation to the other, like an atavistic repetition of fantasies and faults. With lake Walchensee in the Bavarian Alps as a jumping-off point, all the way to the legendary 1967’s “Summer of Love” in San Francisco, this daring voyage of self-discovery spans a century of untold women’s stories. A poetic roaming through time that embarks on a timeless quest for identity, forging loss and love onto the never-ending cycle of life and death.

  • Credits:
    • Director: Janna Ji Wonders
    • Producer: Martin Heisler , Katharina Bergfeld, Nadja Smith
    • Cinematography by: Sven Zellner, Janna Ji Wonders, Anna Werner
    • Sound Design: Jörg Elsner
    • Music by: Markus Acher, Cico Beck
  • Awards
    • Berlinale 2020, Germany (Kompass-Perspektive Award 2020)
    • Thessaloniki IDF 2020, Greece (Golden Alexander Newcomers Award)
    • Biografilm 2020, Italy (Best Film Unipol Award)
    • Der neue Heimatfilm Freistadt 2020, Austria (Audience Award)
    • Fünf Seen FF 2020, Germany (Audience Award)

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