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Forman vs Forman

The ultimate documentary biography of Oscar winning Czech director Milos Forman. From his youth in Czechoslovakia under Nazi burden and communist rule to his first successes abroad with the Czech New Wave, to his exile in New York after the Prague Spring to his international fame. The intimate portrait of an outcast with exclusive access to family archive directed by award winning Czech documentary director Helena Třeštíková.


  • Credits:
    • Director: Helena Trestíková, Jakub Hejna
    • Writer: Helena Trestikova
    • Producer: Katerina Cerna
    • Editor: Jakub Hejna 
  • Awards
    • Nominated for Golden Eye award and part of the main Cannes Film Festival 2019
    • Audience Award Documentary, Best Documentary in Theatre and Cinema Documentary in Theatre and Cinema, Master of Art - Aurubis Award Best Film at Master of Art Film Festival 2020
    • SkyArte Award Best Film at Trieste Film Festival 2020

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