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Hero on paper

The 41-year old receptionist and parttime Lucky Luke imitator Rutger is overshadowed by his alter-ego, the cowboy that shoots faster than his shadow. In an attempt to become a comic-book hero he confronts the disappointments of daily life by drawing a cartoon with himself as the main character. With enough imagination we are all comic-book heroes in our daily lives.

  • Producers: Sarah Dierckx, Frans Bromet
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Max Ploeg
  • Editor: Max Ploeg
  • Sound: Morten Brogaard
  • Credits: Sound: Morten Brogaard, David Warringa; Camera: Max Ploeg; Animation: Femme ter Haar; Gaffer: Daan Strampel; Production designer: Lotte Mulder; Setdresser: Sanne Croonenberg; Decor: Joris Prakken; Colorgrading: Judy Steenman; Editor: Max Ploeg; VFX: Roderik Dekker, Randy Roemeon
  • Awards

    Nederlands Filmfestival (NFF) Utrecht September 24, 2022 World Official Selection Netherlands

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