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13th of May

The first demonstrations against the Ba'athist regime in Iraq began in Halabja in 1995. The inhabitants of Halabja were able to expel the Ba'ath regime from their city for 72 hours, but no one heard the cry of the people of Halabja, as a result many people were killed in complete silence and buried alive. Perhaps Halabja paid the price for her positions. The same city later became the first city in the world to be bombarded with chemicals.

  • Writers: Tariq Tofiq Qadir
  • Producers: Halgwrd Salih
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Wirya Golzariyan
  • Editor: Tofiq Emani
  • Sound: Akbar Guli
  • Credits: DOP: Wrya Golzarian; Sound : Akbar Guli; Music : Marjan Dede
  • Awards

    The 19th EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) - Korea 2022 Seoul August 26, 2022 Korean Premier Official Selection Korea, Republic of The 2nd Moscow Kurdish Film Festival - 2022 Moscow June 29, 2022 Russian Premiere Nominated for the best short Kurdish Documentary Russian Federation The 2nd Istanbul Kurdish Film Festival - Turkey 2022 The 2nd Istanbul Kurdish Film Festival January 17, 2022 Turkish Premiere Official Selection Turkey The 14th FESTIVAL ANGAELICA Pasadena December 20, 2021 USA Premiere Official Selection United States

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