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Is the city dead?

​"Is the city dead?", asked the mermaid, instead of seeking for her brother. Alexander was long lost, definitely dead but not forgotten. None remembers of the mermaid, although the city bears her name, Thessaloniki.  In this hybrid documentary, Titika (42) and Thodoris (36), both permanent residents, share their thoughts about the current state of the city. Will Thessaloniki exist in a hundred years from now? 

  • Writers: Dimitra Mitsaki
  • Producers: Panos Ydraios
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Yorgos Angelopoulos
  • Editor: Dimitra Mitsaki
  • Sound: FLP Athens
  • Credits: Director of Photography: Yorgos Angelopoulos; Original Music: Simos Riniotis, Dimos Vryzas
  • Awards

    10th Chania Film Festival Chania, Crete October 30, 2022 Greek Premiere Greece 5th BCK FIlm Symposium Athens November 24, 2022 Official Selection Greece 24th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival Thessaloniki March 10, 2022 Film Market & Agora Greece Kalamata Monthly International Short Documentary Festival Kalamata November 5, 2022 Official Selection Greece

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