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‘CHAKKI’ ('MIXI' in English / 'MIXEUR' in french) is an UNRELEASED film entirely made using ‘SEEDS’. Real PULSES & GRAMS & SPROUTS were used in motion to create scenarios as a metaphorical representation of GROWTH & FUTURE of a nation. The film industriously renders the verse “DON’T GRIND THE SEED, LET IT GROW!”. The film shows the ‘DARK REALITY’ behind your favourite DISH. While you enjoy delicacies, the reality is grindingly far different for some. The film depicts a ‘served platter’, which grinds the seeds into the dark side(reality) that goes in the background of each serving, i.e- ‘FORCED CHILD LABOUR’! (HUMAN TRAFFICKING). Starvation deaths, the Sale of children, and Mass migration are the order of the day. Inspired by the POPUPS that throw challenges on your path to destiny, the film shows a POOR WEAK STARVING CHILD grinding his way to survive. While your plate is his world, every meal the grinder makes for you shows his grinding life instead. What all it takes for him to get that fancy dish served to you? The turning point is how he flees the grind at night when the grinder is HACKED by birds (& the grinder stops functioning, and breakdown due to overload). As the discarded grinder turns into a fruitful ‘FLOWER POT’, His life turns into a beautiful gift. It builds up the malnourished child & its environment. Helping him experience a beautiful world & things (education, play, food, etc). His surroundings grow into the absolute gift of life. (flower pot his new healthy home) a metaphorical symbol from GRIND to GROWTH. Time-lapse, Stopmotion, and Cg have been industriously used here to depict the change & growth. To represent GRIND TO GROWTH the distinctive stylistic treatment used is an incremental transfiguration of the MATERIAL by degree and detail. Childhood is their constructive years. Children are the future, their DEVELOPMENT IS THAT OF A NATION. PS-Also Twds reminder “don’t waste food”. God gave food & water free to all BEINGS equally. Why is it a privilege of a few? Original composition using live sounds, my own sounds & free sound textures in a rhythmic sequence in line with the stop-motion action. The film was picture-locked, ready by the 2019 end & post-production (Dcp level) was done in 2020.

  • Producers: JYOTSNA PUTHRAN
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Jyotsna Puthran
  • Editor: Jyotsna Puthran
  • Sound: Jyotsna Puthran
  • Awards

    MIFF- 16TH MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. MUMBAI GOLDEN CONCH AWARD - (BEST ANIMATION FILM- NATIONAL FILM CATEGORY) India SXSW- 2021 (Not Officially selected) Austin FINALIST AT FINAL SELECTION ROUND. (Not Officially Selected) United States KMIFF- KOLKATA INTERNATIONAL MICRO FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Kolkata NATIONAL AWARD FOR ANIMATION. India (DISQUALIFIED) JIFF - jaipur int film fest 2021 DISQUALIFIED - INVALID SELECTION AS 'LIVE-ACTION' by festival. India (IMDB qualifying) GMIFF- Great Message International Film Festival 2021. (Non-screening) Mumbai BEST DIRECTOR AWARD. (ANIMATION) India OSCAR QUALIFYING festival 2021. (undisclosed) OFFICIAL SELECTION (not screened) GONA FILM AWARDS 2021. (non-screening) Tamil Nadu BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India SASEE FILM AWARDS 2021. (non-screening) Tamil Nadu BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India (IMDB) RAMESHWARAM international film festival 2021. (non screening) Ramanathapuram BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India CSIFF-CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021. (non-screening). Pune BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India (OSCAR QUALIFYING) SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 2021. (GEO-BLOCKED TO JAPAN). Tokyo (GEO-BLOCKED to Japan) June 19, 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION. (GeoBlocked to Japan) Japan GOLDEN LEAF INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021. (non screening) JungliGhat, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD India URUVATTI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021. (non-screening) Tamil Nadu BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India POOMPUHAR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. (non-screening) TN BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD. India (IMDB) GOLDEN WHEAT AWARDS 2021. (non-screening) Istanbul BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD (non screening) Turkey 14º Dia Internacional da Animação de Goiânia. (NON-SCREENING) OFFICIAL SELECTION. (NON-SCREENING) Brazil (Academy Qualifying) International Film Festival of South Asia [IFFSA] - Toronto Toronto OFFICIAL SELECTION. (GEO-BLOCKED TO TORONTO) Canada Canadian Labour International Film Festival. Official selection Canada ISAFF (Non screening) Official Selection (Non Screening) Russian Federation GOLDEN PEACOCK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL BEST ANIMATION FILM. (Non-Screening) MLC AWARDS. (Non-screening) AWARD WINNER (non screening) CINECIBO film festival- CINECITTA SCREENING Unveiled at CANNES FESTIVAL. FINALIST Winner Dhanbad international film festival 2021 (non screening) Mumbai BEST THOUGHTFUL ANIMATION FILM AWARD India TASVEER SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL- TSAFF 2021 (Geo-blocked) OFFICIAL SELECTION GOLDEN SWAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 BEST ANIMATION FILM. (non screening) DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival (non screening) Winner 14th Entretodos Festival. (non screening) OFFICIAL SELECTION IFFM- INDIAN FILM FESTIVAL OF MELBOURNE 2021. (GEO-BLOCKED TO MELBOURNE) BEST SHORT FILM WINNER Australia semana por la soberania audiovisual OFFICIAL SELECTION. (non-screening) Ahora Es Corto. (Non-screening) Official selection SHANKHNAAD film festival Best Animation film award (WINNER) India New Generations Independent Indian Film Festival 2021. (Geo-blocked) Official Selection Germany 44th VIRGIN SPRING CINEFEST 2021 WINNER BEST ANIMATION AWARD India Seoul International Food FIlm Festival. (Geo-blocked) Seoul GRAND PRIZE - BEST SHORT FILM AWARD. Korea, Republic of South Asian Film Festival of Montreal (Geo-blocked) Montreal JURY AWARD (BEST SHORT FILM) Canada 33 Girona Film Festival Finalist Award Spain Golden Galaxy award Nomination India Dharamshala International Film Festival 2021 (Geo-blocked) Official Selection India Kunturñawi Ecuadorian Film Festival 2021 Official Selection Ayodhya internation film festival 2021 Ayodhya BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD India Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital Media Festival Official selection Belgaum International Short Film Festival Karnataka Official Selectiom India RANGKARMI INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Mumbai Official Selection India Golden Sparrow international film festival WINNER-BEST ANIMATION FILM India Big syn international film festival (non-screening) London Official Selection United Kingdom OJIO Movil Film Fest. (geo-blocked) Official Selection (non screening) Xposure International Photography & Film Festival. Official selection (Geo-blocked) Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival [ Film and World Indigenous cultures ] Official selection (Geo-blocked) Session Lift-Off film fest (Geo-blocked) Official selection (non-screening) FICMA 2021 Official selection 6th International Short Film Festival Pune india 21 Official selection DIFF-DRUK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 WINNER Bhutan Mobile International Film Festival 2021 Official selection Knowmad Short Film Festival 2021 Official selection 10th MUMBAI SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Mumbai BEST DIRECTOR AWARD India MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL CULT FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Mumbai Winner Best Animation award. India Mobile international film festival WINNER- MOST INVENTIVE FILM AWARD. TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Taiwan Winner China LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV & AWARDS - World Cine Fest Official selection India The Flick! Experimental Film Festival Official selection GISFF -The great Indian short film festival 2021 Mumbai Best Silent film award India Chalchitra film festival 2021 Mumbai Winner- Best Silent film award India Women Directors Film Carnival Official selection Nunavut International Film Festival Official selection Canada Tayf International film festival 2022 Winner Turkey Eye insignia Winner India Cine fair film festival Mumbai Winner- Best concept award India Cultural Cinema Showcase: Black History Month Jury selection Award 11th. AGOR International Archeological film festival. Finalist. BIOSCOPE CINE FILM FESTIVAL Mumbai 2 awards India Independent Video Film Festival of Youtube Art Club Pavlos Paraschakis, Official selection Greece One earth award Official selection 3 acts of goodness int micro film festival. BUDDHAS LIGHT INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. California Official selection United States Festival de Cinema Estudantil de Guaíba/RS-Mostra de curtas e longas nacionais e internacionais Official selection. Brazil Future Vision Festival - A celebration of unusual animation Official selection Japan Picrare film festival Winner Golden Swan International Film festival Tamil nadu Best Animation film award India ASTRAN INDIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND AWARDS BEST SILENT FILM AWARD. BEST SILENT FILM AWARD. India FOOD FILM FEST - BERGAMO -FINALIST AWARD -BEST SHORT FILM. Bergamo FINALIST AWARD -BEST SHORT FILM.

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