The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

The Place between Was & Will Be

When his grandfather begins to have the first signs of dementia, the director performs a ritual of preliminary mourning in the abandoned cottage of his grandparents. Using the anthropological concept of the borderline, he tries to slow down a moment of great change and open a conversation that his family avoids.

  • Writers: Theo Panagopoulos
  • Producers: Theo Panagopoulos, Erica Monde
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Erica Monde, Theo Panagopoulos (Θοδωρής Παναγόπουλος)
  • Editor: Theo Panagopoulos (Θοδωρής Παναγόπουλος), Erica Monde
  • Sound: Alexandra Katerinopoulou


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