• You were right, man

    You were right, man

    Director Νίκος Θεοδοσίου - Country: Greece

    A chance meeting, seventy years later, of Roviros Manthoulis with Euripides, a comrade in EPON during the years of the German occupation, brings to light a "small" story. The tragic outcome of a group of young people who sought to continue the struggle in Athens while the fierce battles between the Republican and the Government army were ragi...

  • A story in 14 words

    A story in 14 words

    Director Eirini Steirou - Country: Greece

    In this hybrid first person account, a Greek islander opens up to his filmmaker granddaughter about his violent coming-of-age as a refugee, warrior and political prisoner in North Africa during WWII. An experimental representation of personal war memory that combines home movie and archival footage.

  • Ahl ar-Ra'y - People Of Opinion

    Ahl ar-Ra'y - People Of Opinion

    Director Vanessa Broummana - Country: Greece

    "Languages stand in the way of my right to express my opinions freely."Words of a teenager that circumstances brought him to live in the "house of multilingualism".The temporary accommodation facilities for unaccompanied minors, managed by the ARSIS Social Youth Support Organization, in Epirus, Greece Branch, house teenagers from Syria, Afgha...

  • And while they were growing, I felt like I was shrinking

    And while they were growing, I felt like I was shrinking

    Director Eleftheria Panousi - Country: Greece

    A diary-like narration that follows the process of caring for, and growing seeds, triggers correlations on body, gender, fear and stereotypes that manifest as insecurities and existential quests.

  • April Days

    April Days

    Director David Roger Juan - Country: Spain

    One more day for a family during confinement caused by COVID-19.

  • Ballada for Galilei

    Ballada for Galilei

    Director Ralitza Dimitrova - Country: Bulgaria

    Bum or genius, sage or madman - Galilei Simeonov lives above human gossip and definitions. He is a 91-year-old professor at the Academy of Arts who choose to live in the countryside, among his paintings. In our meetings Galileo shares bits of his life and his thoughts on art, on the great personalities of human history, on the meaning of the ...

  • Carols


    Director Jenny Tsiropoulou - Country: Greece

    Nikos has neither the joy of saving human lives nor the joy of contact. He studied medicine,but chose to become a coroner. He converses with the dead he examines and they tell him their stories. As he grows older and his kids grow up, the death anxiety he feels, weighs him down more and more. It’s a rainy New Year’s Eve, and the morgue is ful...

  • Charlie Surfer

    Charlie Surfer

    Director Pia Strømme - Country: Norway

    Charlie is 10 years old and diagnosed with Asperger. He is proud of his diagnosis, but sometimes wishes he was more like the other boys in his class. He feels that diversity leaves him on the sidelines sometimes. Because of Asperger, Charlie struggles with team sports. But he has found two things he loves to do, surfing and dancing. We watch ...

  • Dreyfus Drei

    Dreyfus Drei

    Director Ella Dreyfus, Janis Westphal - Country: Australia

    Australian Jewish artist Ella Dreyfus grew up with little knowledge of her family’s tragic losses in the Holocaust. She sets out to uncover their history through her uncle George in Melbourne and her cousin Jonathan in Berlin, whilst finding her own way of re-connecting to Germany.

  • Ekai


    Director Arantza Ibarra Basañez - Country: Spain

    A short documentary depicting the story of young trans boy Ekai Lersundi, who committed suicide in 2018 after struggling with bureaucracy to administer hormone therapy for gender reassignment.

  • Going Alone

    Going Alone

    Director Raphael Schanz - Country: Germany

    A cemetery in the center of Berlin. A gravedigger who wanted to become an entertainer and is now the last companion of all those buried at the expense of the state. A chapel, a black urn and beethoven music that sounds repetitive. The undertaker sits there and waits. Sometimes people come to pay their last tribute or bring someone for the nex...

  • Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis

    Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis

    Director Charalambos Margaritis - Country: Greece

    The city of Hermoupolis, capital of Syros is located at the center of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. In its history one can find all the elements that shaped contemporary Greece. This is an animated documentary telling its story. Ερμούπολη, η πρωτεύουσα της Σύρου, στο κέντρο του νησιωτικού συμπλέγματος των Κυκλάδων, στην Ελλάδα. ...

  • Here. Today. Again

    Here. Today. Again

    Director Aitor Gametxo Zabala - Country: Spain

    Two boys meet during the city's festivities. The first look is going to be special for both of them, but they will remember it in a different way. A documentary essay on memory and representation.

  • Invisible


    Director Zofia Pregowska - Country: Poland

    90-year-old Krystyna, lives in the tiny apartment surrounded by books and writing blocks. This in itself is remarkable, as Krystyna is almost blind, but this does not prevent her from writing passionate and eloquent poetry that celebrates life. She writes her poems on paper, but this proves to be a problematic method since one of her pen...

  • Jeepney: A Philippine Icon

    Jeepney: A Philippine Icon

    Director Benjamin Hunt, Andrew Junge, Sarah Kaino, Sam Hartman, Kendyl Rich - Country: USA

    The Jeepney, or Jeep as affectionately called in the Philippines, is the most popular mode of transportation for thousands of daily commuters. This documentary explores the Jeep’s importance in Filipino culture through the eyes of local drivers, passengers, and business professionals who rely on the Jeep in more ways than one.

  • Korean GENOCIDE

    Korean GENOCIDE

    Director Seung-il Chon - Country: COM_DOCUMENTARIES_TITLE_KoreaSout

    Geumjeonggul in Goyang City, South Korea, was built for the purpose of mining gold during Japanese colonial period and was closed. In October 1950, during the Korean War, in Geumjeonggul, the police massacred hundreds of residents of Goyang without any legal procedures, and buried them deep in layers. And 71 years later, the bereaved families...

  • Kosberg made it

    Kosberg made it

    Director Maksim Ishchenko - Country: Russia

    The story of people who made possible the first manned flight into space, but remained behind the scenes. The main characters of the film are Semyon Kosberg and other engineers of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau in Voronezh. They designed and built the third stage of the rocket engine, without which Gagarin's spacecraft would not have r...

  • Maram


    Director Efi Sialevri, Vicky Yiagopoulou - Country: Greece

    The film tells the story of Maram, who left Yemen with her family, in search of the “Land without sorrows and pains", as they considered Europe. Instead they found themselves "staggering" in the “Land in between”, living in a refugee camp in Lesvos. This is, also, the story of Maram’s first day at school, when a group of xenophobic people blo...

  • Missing Words

    Missing Words

    Director ARISTARCHOS ZISIMATOS - Country: Greece

    Arash and Alireza are two young poets from Persia who came as political refugees το Greece. They tell us about the poetry nights that were organized in their country, and how censorship is done in poetry, but also about the way in which they managed to overcome the obstacle of censorship.

  • Night Lives

    Night Lives

    Director Nafsika Hadjichristou - Country: Cyprus

    Delving into the beauty of life when the sun goes down, this documentary is an intimate portrait of the obsession with nightclubbing culture, amongst Britain’s young generation.

  • Ranch


    Director Mariana Zarpellon - Country: Brazil

    Visiting her Grandmother in Brazil, after years of living abroad, Mariana sets off for the farm where she lives. Even though everything seems the same as her childhood memories, deeper changes soon come to light, questioning her memory and the love they share.

  • Rea


    Director ARISTARCHOS ZISIMATOS - Country: Greece

    Αthens 2020 Rea and Aris share an apartment and spend the days of total lockdown, together.

  • SKG + DRAG = BFF?

    SKG + DRAG = BFF?

    Director Eleftherios Hajianastasioo - Country: Greece

    The documentary focuses on 4 artists, Kharma Queen, Amelie Tea, Aurora Paola Morado and Dr. Oglie Boss, who describe what it's like to be a Drag Queen-King in Greece's second largest city. The video consists of interviews and scenes from the performances of our Drag artists, as well as footage of our city. Finally, it focuses on the problems ...

  • The First Bi-Communal Project: When Cypriots brought their sh*t together

    The First Bi-Communal Project: When Cypriots brought their sh*t together

    Director Charalambos Drousiotis - Country: Cyprus

    Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world, brutally split in two since 1974. Even though the two communities had been living separately for almost 30 years, with no means of any contact or connection, they have been sharing a common sewage system since. What are the social and political aspects emerging from this first bi-communal coop...

  • The Last Photo

    The Last Photo

    Director Mehmet Akif Guler - Country: Turkey

    Abdullah Milhim is a photographer trying to announce by photographing what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the world. Once, he goes to photograph a just bombed region, he sees an aged man inside the ruins. He is influenced deeply by the situation of the aged man who is just standing and crying while people are escaping and wounded are c...

  • The survirver

    The survirver " Hagia Sophia "

    Director TEVFİK HOŞ - Country: Turkey

    Hagia Sophia, the survivor of deadly earthquakes. Hagia Sophia, the battlefield of civilizations, a survirver of riots and wars from ancient to modern times.

  • Wall of shame

    Wall of shame

    Director Michalis Katsouris - Country: Greece

    Wall of shame is a participatory/journalistic documentary film. It takes as a pretext the violent attack on gathered refugees in the central square of Mytilene in 2018 and tries to analyze the reasons why the former "island of solidarity"reached this point. Above all, it tries to open a dialogue about the wrongs of our society and how we can ...

  • Walls of life

    Walls of life

    Director Zoran Djordjevic - Country: Brazil

    This is a film about the limitless human will. The documentary is a cinematic portrait of the artist Marcos Santos, who was born with cerebral palsy. He has partially impaired speech and without the movement of arms and hands, he paints with his left foot and teaches the children of a peripheral and stigmatized neighborhood of a typical Brazi...

  • Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Director George Lampros - Country: Greece

    A short documentary film about the special and unknown to most people profession of "Vatchemanis".

  • Why I'm A Vegan

    Why I'm A Vegan

    Director Lindsay Hicks - Country: USA

    Why I'm A Vegan is a multimedia short film that explores musician Moby's journey to veganism and animal rights advocacy.


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